The History of Vilott Baptist Church

Vilott Baptist Church, located two miles east of Callisburg in eastern Cooke County Texas, was organized in 1891 according to the writings of Miss Gladys Moore.  Miss Moore states that there were 20 charter members and 40 for baptism.  The church derived its name from the post office in the community that was chartered in 1883 and named for the postmaster's baby daughter, Vulottie Kennedy.

The church was orgainized by Cowboy Harris at the conclusion of a brush arber meeting in 1891.  Some of the early members were Mr. & Mrs. W.R. Findley, Mrs. Ellen Stubblefield, the Charles Keenans, Bill Campbell, the J.S. Floyds and Margaret Moore, the mother of Brother W.E. Moore.

The first pastor was Rev. Will Rice.  The first building was completed and the first sermon delivered in it on December 16, 1892.  Dedication services were held on the third Sunday in January, 1893.

For over forty years, the spacious building, designed and built by the Rev. Billy Miller, was hallowed with the sacredness to many, but the building was partly moved from its foundation by a storm in the early 1930's.

In June 1936 the pastor Rev. W.E. Moore launched a program for rebuilding.  Under his leadership and with the simple faith in God the members tore away the house  of wood.  Through the divine providence of the Heavenly Father and the aid of friends a tabernacle of native stone was constructed.  People of all faiths in the community helped....hauling rock from everywhere, nailing beams and rafters and shingles or whatever their hands could find to do.  Frank & Carroll Evans were head rock masons and K.D. Mask was the chief carpenter.

Although times were hard, because the people had a mind to work and God blessed their efforts, the new church was dedicated free of debt the last Sunday in November 1936.  The baptistery was later built in 1970; Henry Mozingo was pastor at that time.

Vilott Baptist Church pioneered in Vacation Bible School in this area.  In 1942 the Rev. Charles Goe, a young seminary student from Fort Worth was called as pastor.  In the summer he conducted a school with great success.  Even during the war years the school was held in spite of gas rationing  People walked, came in wagons, on tractors or gave up other trips in order to have enough gas.  These schools have contributed to the life and growth of the church and continue to be an important part of our church program.

In 1986 a building was donated for a parsonage and it was moved to the church grounds.  it took a lot of work to make it livable but the members donated the labor.

In 1988 we started making plans for a new sanctuary.  God blessed and the work was started.

On April 8, 1990 the new sanctuary was dedicated to the Glory of God with 150 in attendance. 

On June 26, 2005, Vilott Baptist Church celebrated 114 years of folks coming together to worship and give praise to God.

We would like to acknowledge Mae Belle Thomas who spent many hours in researching the church's minutes, compiling list and writing the "History of Vilott Baptist Church".